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Re-discovering board games
a new spin on a classic way to have fun
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Conquer new worlds, slay zombies
...or just win at checkers.

About Us

Southern California's first board game cafe!

About Us

GameHäus was started by Rob and Terry: we’re two board game geeks from totally unrelated industries. When we discovered board gaming, we went looking for a great place to gather with our friends that would offer a few amenities:

  • a large game library, in case we didn’t feel like lugging our game collections across town
  • good food and drink while we played games
  • a fun spot where we could play board games until late; everything closes so early in this town!
  • a place with nice seating and tables that could handle either a quick card game or a full-on epic board game session (such as Game of Thrones the Board Game or Arkham Horror)

Many of our favorite board game spots would have one or two of the above amenities, but we wanted to hang out at a board game spot that offered these things plus great atmosphere and a welcoming ambiance for seasoned gamers as well as those new to board gaming. We’d heard of board game cafes in Asia and Canada, but we couldn’t find a true board game café in California; most cafés that claimed to offer board games would only have a few old copies of titles like Jenga and Monopoly on a small shelf.

Since Southern California had a vibrant and active board game community as well as a population geared to discovering new and fun activities, we thought that the time was right to bring a board game cafe to SoCal. Our search for a great space for our cafe ended when we found this amazing space at the historic Seeley Studios in Glendale; located inside a building that was designated a historic resource, our space at the Seeley Studios contained original brick walls, beautiful vintage electric meters and original steel pillars that evoke old Los Angeles. Ultimately, we hope to offer a warm and comfortable space that you’ll enjoy visiting for some fun board games, good drinks and good food. Thanks for stopping by!